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The Animal Book Club

We love books, we love animals, but mostly we love books about animals.

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Welcome to the Animal Book Club!

This is a community where you can find and review books about animals. These can range from books that describe animal behaviors and/or emotions, animal stories, field guides, or even animal rights/welfare. They can be adult books or children's books. The books don't have to be about the 'cute and fluffies.' They can be about any animal, including insects.

When reviewing please include the title of the book and the author. A link when one can purchase the book is helpful but not necessary.

Here are some guidelines:

-Please don't write a gigantic review. We don't want our eyes to burn out of our sockets. I don't want to give any limits but you can probably guess when an entry is just too long...

-Please no 'sporting' books (hunting, fishing, etc.).

-You're free to write negative reviews about a book you just didn't like.

-You can review a book that's already been reviewed. You can also ask about a book that's been reviewed or that you are curious about.

-Be nice. I'm guessing you're already nice anyway. Bashing a book/community member isn't 'nice' but feel free to disagree.

Okay get out there and reeeeeeeeeeeeeead!