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my story: animal book club

hey everyone! i'm new to livejournal and i searched the name of one of my stories on animals titled ANIMAL BOOK CLUB and this came up and I think this is where I post stuff like this? if it isn't sorry :X

I hope you like my story. I ship cat/bat so if you don't I'm sorry. I think my story is really good, so does my mom and best friend. Hopefully you do too.

So this is my eight part series I wrote for my friend Stepany. She is also called Watermelon.


Part One
looked at and meowed. loved more than anything in the world. He was a bat for Christs sake and everyone loves bats. knew was jealous of his relationship with . There had always been tension since and had started. had loved for years now ever since they started their book club back in Luxembourg. Now that had scared away knew he could never forgive until he had back in their professional book club.

Part Two
stared at and started to cry. He wanted back in the book club so bad and he thought asking the treasurer might get him in. wanted to let back in but he knew that when made orders it was best to listen. no one could stop , not even , his mother. sadly told that he would not be able to reinstate his membership. heard a hiss in the distance and knew must have been listening. He felt bad for everyone here. had been a pivotal member of the club, making everyone milkshakes when they were thirsty. fled as soon as he heard coming didn't even have time to say goodbye. And neither did , the animal that loved most in the world.

Part Three
barked and that symbolized the newest meeting of the book club was starting. , , , , and came running. informed everyone that would not be back due to 'personal reasons' and they were off with the meeting. and quickly got in an argument about the last book they read. maintained that Twilight was shit while said it was the greatest story ever. Soon after a lot of yelling started to get a dry mouth and asked for a milkshake. The entire table was silent realizing that no one but knew how to make one. offered to try but they were scared it would turn out slimy. informed everyone that milk shakes were full of empty calories and bad for you and it was for the best that they could no longer have any. it was then started hissing. said that no one there really had to worry about calories but and milkshakes were a nice treat. , , and gasped ( couldn't because her mouth was to dry) because no one had stood up to before. This was not going to end well!

Part Four
stared at and growled. he loved , he needed , he would die without but he was still upset at the vice-presidents lack of regard for the fact that he was PRESIDENT of the club. hissed and quickly (well, really, not quickly but imagine a slug moving as quickly as it can) slid in between the two and screamed 'nooooooooooooooooooooo.' since was the secretary of the club, and on the business cards, his opinion was important. quickly told them that they could not fight or the club would get a bad reputation of being a fight club or something and they would have no respect from other book clubs. He told to take and to take and talk to them. was nervous as he grabbed , I mean he was touching , her hero, her idol, the animal she wanted to be like more than she wanted to eat some hay or something. couldn't take it and lunged on top of , smothering him in her kisses. laughed and pushed off, calmly explaining that he loved another. Another evil person that would never love him. was upset but knew 's pain. They sat there and played tiddlywinks for a while to calm down.

Part Five
and started talking. was telling about all his unfinished dreams, about the love he lost, about his life. didn't particularly care but he listened nonetheless. told that if he really did love he would go after him. He would find and they would be together, start their own book club, a BETTER book club. laughed at the suggestion because a book club would not be successful with two members, it wouldn't work, especially since and usually agreed on everything. THAT IS HOW MUCH IN LOVE THEY WERE. was startled when offered to come with him in his new book club. refused because he knew and 's history and that they couldn't leave each other. soon came and told them if they didn't get back to the meeting now she was going home for the night. Since they did not want to ruin 's night, they headed back to discuss Twilight, and other novels of great importance that cannot be named right now.

Part Six
The meeting ended. went on her way home because she had had too much embarrassment for one night. During the meeting everyone had questioned why she liked poached eggs and she was very distraught. The rest stayed and chatted for a while. was mainly sulking over the fact that was not there, he attempted chatting with and about the latest episode of a TV show but he realized he did not own a TV and had little to contribute. was talking to about the past, something no one cared about. Then a knock came at the door. opened it to find , his mom standing there.

Part Seven
stared at his mother, then invited her to sit down but she did not want to hear it. She was upset with her son. had came to talk to her about his removal from the book club and was not taking any of her sons garbage. Removing just because he was a threat to the relationship had with was unacceptable. She spanked for being such a bad boy and sent him to his room without supper. (I mean, he had already eaten but she didn't know that). whimpered away and everyone stared in amazement. had always said he never took any crap from and here he was getting himself sent to his room. They all laughed at this situation. realized that he could stand up to and went to go do something he should have done a couple hours ago. The rest of them stayed there and stared at , scared of her and her god like power over . finally spoke up and asked if she knew how to make milkshakes because she was still thirsty. sadly admitted that even with all of her talents, that was not one she had acquired and began to cry in the arms of .

Part Eight
heard a knock on the door. He raced, hoping it would be someone inviting him back into the book club and he squealed like a 16 year old fangirl when he saw at his door. He started hovering up and down when invited back to the club and they raced to 's house. They arrived and everyone's jaw dropped and they started cheering at 's bravery for bringing back. called down to the living room and when saw he knew there was nothing he could do. was back in the club whether he liked it or not. would make sure of that. quickly hopped over and asked for a milkshake and agreed to make one for everyone, even because he was just that nice, you see. Everyone began to celebrate and told that he finally accepted that loved and he would not interfere unless he feared something life-threatening was about to happen, like was going to give the plague. Then another animal came through the door. came, shaked his butt at them and left, leaving them under his spell, causing them to dance for the entire night long. The night was wonderful and ended with and getting married.

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