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Animals in Society

This is a book I read quite some time ago, but the mod said it was ok to post older reviews I've written. It'll help beef up the community a bit and add more resources for it! :)

Animals in Society
Author: Zoe Weil
©: 1991
Started: 09/01/01
Finished: 09/03/01
Genre: animal rights advocacy
My Rating: 5/5

My first book on animal rights, this is a great introduction reader style book, which doesn't promote animal rights so much as it gives facts about animals used in society. It gives both sides of the arguments, pro and anti, and let's the reader think about these issues.

This book though, is definately written with the welfare of animals in mind. There are chapters covering animals used as companions, employment, entertainment, fashion, meat, pests, experimentation, etc. I found the fashion chapter very moving. There are a lot of facts given in the book, and an entire appendix in the back of statistics, ranging from rainforest destruction to health of humans and how usage of animals and meat eating effects overall health.

Also listed in the appendices are ways to screen people who may be adopting a pet you own, which I found intresting to read. There's also a listing of companies that do not use animal testing with their products. Also listed are various organizations that are involved in animal rights and save the earth issues. To be fair, there are also pro hunting and pro experimentation groups listed, although these listings are short, compared to the others.

Overall, an amazing book, well written, with lots of illustrative pictures, although they are in black and white, which minimizes the impact of them. A very good introductory book, without any fanaticism on either side.

I purchased this through the American Anti-Vivisection Society.
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Oh neat! It sounds like the book covers a wide variety of topics, whereas most books I pick up only cover a few (usually eating meat and experimentation). Also it sounds interesting that the book shows both sides. I havent read any AR book that cover the other side (though I do have one on animal experimentation on my wishlist called "Animal Experimentation: Cruelty or Science?"). I'll look it up. :)

I've just started "Animal Rights: The Second Wave" so I might have a review up in a week or 2. ;)
i'm looking forward to it! :)