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Animal Liberation

Animal Liberation

Author: Peter Singer
©: 2002
Started: 04/12/06
Finished: 04/30/06
Genre: animal rights, philosophy, ethics
My Rating: 5/5 stars

Originally published in 1975, this is the third updated version covering two major animal rights topics: that of animal testing and factory farming. In each version, the author has taken facts and research from around the world to document the changes in these two areas, showing how the animal rights movement has moved forward through the years.

Written in a non-confrontational tone, this is a good book for anyone who wants to explore the concept of animal rights in testing and farming without feeling "preached" to. The bulk of the information is given in neutral words with a matter-of-fact tone, although there's only so many ways to pad some of the horrific descriptions of the various tortures and abuses animals undergo in lab and farming facilities.

I did find the latter half of the book to be a bit overwhelming in language and philisophical/ethical writing, especially when discussing man's dominion in the world and speciesism towards the animals around us. It wasn't preachy but the writing was definitely on a higher level of thinking.

I found this book to be written for people of all walks of life... from the animal rights activist who wants to learn more about the movement, to ethics and philosophy students, to just the general joe who is interested in the concepts behind animal rights and liberation. It won't necessarily change someone's mind, but it would give them something to think about.
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