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Two books by Carol J. Adams

The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory
Continuum Publishing: 1990

In a nutshell:

Addresses the connection between animals and women, specifically focusing on the connection between meat and women-- both commodities consumed by men. Adams argues that meat-eating is embodies sexism and patriarchy. She outlines a feminist history of vegetarianism, relating vegetarinaism to the feminist movement.

This book is written in the style of feminist scholarship, but is not so dense that it alienates a general audience. The historical delineation of the connections between women, animals, and meat-eating is extremely interesting.


The Pornography of Meat
Contiumm Publishing: 2004

A much less academic look at the connection between women, animals, and meat. This time, Adams focuses on the sexualization of both animals and women, how this objectifies both animals and women by turning them into "somethings" rather than "someones."

This is a really easy read, with a lot of interesting graphic, illustrating Adams' arguments.
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I've been wanting to get that first Adams book for a while now. I should really go order it now that I've been reminded of it.
I saw Mrs. Adams at the Animal Rights conference a few years back. Her slideshow presentation is very interesting. I think it sort of leans more toward feminism as the main issue. I didnt agree with everything she said but she definitely makes you think. If you can track her down, you should try to see her presentation. It'll blow your mind. ;)